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  1. Barbie, Another great entry! I seem to always be waiting and have to constantly remind myself that HIS timing is always BEST and it is most likely not going to match my timing.

    I'm currently waiting and praying that God will manifest Himself mightedly in the situation.

    Bountiful blessings sweet friend!

  2. I have been in a season of waiting for a couple of years and I am always encouraged by the truth that David encouraged HIMSELF in the Lord…I seem to want someone to do that for me. I am also learning like a sermon I heard so many years ago to be like the pot in the closet that can't wait to get out then he learns to just enjoy the face of his maker when the door is open.
    I am learning as I wait to just enjoy the face of my maker.
    Blessings on this journey as God reveals himself to you and your situation.

  3. Hi Barbie,
    Thank you for this good word. I find I am always waiting on the Lord. Sometimes patiently and sometimes not but no matter how I wait I find I am waiting. 🙂

    Bless you sister,

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