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  1. oh i love how you’ve taken the counting gifts and started looking at them in terms of grace…makes me wonder if i can do that with my word for the year (trust)

    • You absolutely could do it and base it around trust. You could begin to make a list of ways you are trusting the Lord! Have a beautiful Easter.

  2. I love this, Barbie!

    By the way, I just downloaded Ann’s book (finally!) to my Nook and am on page 29…. and loving it!!!!

    • Isn’t the book amazing? I’ve had it for a while but am reading rather slowly. I’m mid-way through chapter 3. I find that I have to stop, reflect, reread, reflect, etc. It has really opened my eyes to what “real beauty” is and the little grace gifts that are all around me.

  3. OF friend, I needed this today! I’m having Mommy guilt over being sick and only noticing all the things I haven’t done around the house. I’m gonna stop today and look for the blessings. Thanks you!

    • I know this feeling Jamie. So many times I strive for perfection. God is teaching me to slow down and to “take it easy on myself”. It is He who gives us strength. Praying you have an amazing day!

  4. I love your thankful list Barbie! We are blessed in so many ways even when there are challenges. I know it helps me to focus on the small blessings I might otherwise take for granted.


    • Thanks friend! I am learning that those hard times give me a greater yearning for His presence. Have a beautiful day.

  5. “As God calls me into deeper places of intimacy with Him, there is the constant struggle between answering His call or turning away to tend to the cares of the world. ”

    Yes!!! My heart has been right there lately…. the cares of the world, of this home and family and church and life, seem so great right now. It’s hard to be still with Him.

    Beautifully said! Thank you!

    • Thanks Kristy. Some days its a real struggle. I wish I could say I always choose God first. Learning to balance is so had sometimes. But there is GRACE!

  6. When looking for beauty it is so good to look to God himself for he is always beautiful! I love love your honesty Barbie, I always feel like I am in your kitchen. Thanks so much for being genuine!

  7. Barbie – God is proving Himself as Jehovah Jireh during this time. I’m thankful for your financial blessing and the unemployment extension. I know how trying a time like this can be.


  8. He is ever faithful and true. Praying for you and for God’s love to wash over you today.
    Love reading your posts-they lift my spirit.

  9. Beautiful post! And such a great list of gifts. A helping friends… fantastic! Happy to hear #90. And #94… such a gift and you are so right, grace I can not comprehend. Beautiful!

  10. I love your Multitude Monday posts and your Grace Lists! Yes, Thank you Jesus for extended unemployment (mine was extended today as well)!!!
    BTW, Congrats on being featured on Faith Blogs! Your “little ‘ol blog” is an awesome blog and you deserve all the recognition! You are a very talented blogger, my friend!!! And thanks for leading me to Faith Blogs!
    Blessings, Nena~

  11. i am with you! sometimes it is so easy to be distracted by the worries and cares of this life, but in focusing on Him i get grace for all that needs to be done.

    i especially connect with #88.

  12. I am right there with you on your prayer for an open heart and an ability to REALLY SEE the world God has placed us in. Beautiful!

  13. One of the beautiful things to be found in a “tired and weary heart” is the beauty when that heart turns to God for their strength! Love your list of thanks, too!

    Blessings, Joan

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