How Do You See Beauty? — 10 Comments

  1. Beautifully written Barbie.  God is so good,  he will eventually help you see,  seek him in everything and the beauty of it will unfold:-) Love your posts!

  2. Hi Barbie, love your transparency here in this post. I find myself longing to see what others so readily see. Song of Solomon is a book that I haven’t done much study on. It’ll be interesting to read your thoughts. 

    • Hi Wanda!  Feel free to read along and leave your comments.  I am more after insight and what God is speaking to you through it than coming from a point of study.  Have a blessed week!

  3. Grace…such a sweet and beautiful gift. I understand your efforts in searching through our mundane daily tasks for beauty …i have been silently participating in a 31 day housekeeping challenge that has been amazing in helping me see the beauty in everything…yes I stumble, but it has become much easier to get back up. 

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