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  1. Awesome post- thank you for this Charis- I have been in the wilderness more than not in my christian walk, and it is bitter sweet. I have had similar seasons, unbearable seasons, and somehow He faithfully kept me alive and moving forward. I too started staying home when my #1 was a year old, I can really relate to being stripped of everything, and then to fail as a mother too, after baby 3, and have to have others come move in to help me with my kids. God has redeemed those years, yet I haventt understood them yet, Just knowing He is with me, I don’t care the surrounding anymore. 😉

  2. Funny, I’ve physically lived in the mountains for four years now… yet for the bulk of that time I’ve been in the wilderness.  I am all to familiar with this place called “wilderness”… Seems I’ve been in it more lately than out of it.  I too thought that maybe I had done this to myself…. until I heard Him tell me that’s where He was taking me back in 2002.  “I will allure you to the wilderness where I will speak tenderly to you.”  “I will turn your door of sorrow into a door of hope.”  “You will no longer call me Master…. you will call me Husband.”  It has been as He said.  In this wilderness I’ve found not only my God as who He is, not who I was told He was…. but I’ve found myself and what He says about me.  I have been finding that “new identity” that Jesus said He gave to me, leaving the old behind and stepping into the new.  Though many tears have been shed in this place I would walk into it again for it has become sacred, holy ground.   Beautiful post!

  3. Oh Charis, thank you for sharing your story.  I loved how you pointed out God’s desire for intimacy is in the wilderness.  I have ALWAYS said that the most FERTILE soil is in the valley!

    God bless you today!


  4. It is so amazing to read how God interprets scripture to each of us, that meets our needs right where we are and how the interpretation others receive can also meet us, and open our eyes to see it in a fresh way. Thank you Charis for these words that God has given to you to share!

  5. Oh, the wilderness and desert…I’ve been there many a time. Sometimes it takes me longer to recognize it though. Once I do, the peace and love I find is more amazing than words. Thanks for sharing such wisdom in these verses. Happy Thursday! 🙂

  6. What an awesome writing, I have been there so much this  year. SO much. It has been a story of ‘one thing after another’. God is going to be praised.

    • He will meet you sharon and you will come out on the other side of all this with deeper knowing of Him and being deeper known as you turn to meet Him in this place.  blessings!

  7. Charis, thank you so much for guest posting.  So much revelation here.  I love the lessons I learn in the wilderness.  Notice I did not say I love the wilderness.  I am still at a place where my heart yearns for the mountain top.  But God will draw me there, to that place, where it’s just me and Him, to grow my heart.  And there He encounters me and gives me an even greater revelation of who He is.  I am much stronger because of my wilderness times.  And Pastor Greg is right, there is beauty in the desert!  We just have to look for it.

    •  i am with you barbie… not quite in the place yet where i can say with conviction that i love the wilderness when i am in the middle of it all.  i love the encounter but i still don’t enjoy the pain that usually comes first.   i appreciate the opportunity to share with your readers.  i love this series you are doing – there is so much for all of us to gain in studying this rich book.

  8. Thanks for posting, Barbie.  I am a big fan of this guest blogger, and plan to really put some effort into getting more familiar with her!  
      Seriously though…this is a great blog.  

  9. Wow, I had to reread that as I thought it was me for a second!  I too was a very full time 2nd grade teacher before staying home with my first born.  It was a big adjustment! 

    • how awesome that you were a 2nd grade teacher as well!  now my oldest is about to enter into 2nd grade himself and i can’t believe how fast it has gone by!

  10. I have met Him in the desert, too.  He is a cool drink of water in the otherwise parched land.  I think maybe we see Him in those times because our need is greatest then…and we look for Him.  Often when times go well, we don’t take the time to look.  But, we can praise Him at all times in our lives – In the valley or on the mountain top, for His love never changes.  He is always faithful.

    Blessings, Joan

    •  i think you are right.  we are often meet Him in the times when we need Him the most, yet He is always available to the hungry heart.  i really appreciate your comment and added perspective –  such a great reminder of His continual faithfulness and unchanging love. 

  11. Thanks for sharing, Charis. For me, there are only certain things that grow in the desert. The wilderness is a place of encounter AND discovery. There is beauty in the desert if we look hard enough. 

    • so true greg.  it usually is difficult for me to see the beauty when i am in the middle of it, but looking back i can see it so clearly.  i like how you added discovery because it is so true that there is so much we discover about God and ourselves in these seasons.  my hope is to have eyes to see in the middle of those times so i can have perspective the whole way through.  thanks for your feedback.  

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