June Inspired Blogger and a Giveaway! — 12 Comments

  1. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!  Ok, and just to clarify: Oops!  I guess following her blog via GFC doesn’t count according to your entry guidelines…but I do follow MFBL via GFC so that resolves that issue.  Also, I forgot to say why I liked both of the paintings I mentioned earlier.  The short reason is that I could really identify with both of them!’m done now.  🙂  Thanks again Barbie!

  2. I like the Lord is the key to my heart best b/c He alone knows our heart.  I have already followed you w/ facebook and I think w/ google too.  Have a good weekend

  3. Hi Barbie.  I have done all 5 things.  I was already a follower of yours and already liked your page. 

    I love her piece on PEACE and I love the garden piece as well.  The colors in the PEACE painting draw me in, but the GARDEN piece is very peaceful. 

    Love ya!

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