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Song of Solomon (Chapter 1) – A Love Better Than Wine


Today is the second week of my journey through the Song of Songs.  A couple of ladies linked up last week.  Marcia at One Heart at Home talked about the Lord as our husband.  Larri posted on her reading blog her thoughts on Chapter 1 thus far.  If you are just joining us this week, welcome!  Feel free to grab the button on the sidebar and use it in your posts if you would like to.  *I changed the button a little bit, so if you were here last week, grab the new one.  You can link up your post any time between Wednesday and Saturday.  And if you would like to just share your thoughts through your comments, please do!

Song of Solomon (Chapter 1) – A Love Better Than Wine

After she asked the Father for the kisses of God’s Word, the maiden states her reason for wanting His kisses.  Speaking directly to Jesus she states:

“For Your love is better than wine”.  (Songs 1:2b)

Here, she declares that His love (affection) is better than the wine the world.  She uses the wine metaphor because wine “exhilarates” the heart. Wine, in the context of this marriage metaphor is “the drink of earthly celebration.” It is the drink of gladness that makes people happy. It speaks of the intoxicating things of this world, both good and bad.  She is basically stating that “experiencing Your love is better than all the other privileges in this life”.

God gives us so many blessings — financial, relationships, health, ministry, etc.  The wine speaks of the best experiences that we can have in life while living on this earth.  As wonderful as God’s blessings are, they cannot be the primary focus of our heart. Many who increase in God’s blessing in their life often gradually decrease in their love for Jesus:

You have persevered…and have labored for My name’s sake…
Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.
Remember therefore from where you have fallen;
repent and do the first works, or else I will…remove your lampstand.
(Rev. 2:3-5)

The maiden has stated her desire to make her pursuit of Gods’ love and righteousness her priority.  For she understands that His love is far better than anything this world has to offer her.

God made us spiritually, physically and emotionally hungry or needy. We long for happiness. We yearn for pleasure because we are designed by God to be pleasure seekers. This in and of itself is not sinful.  Finding our pleasure in unrighteousness is what is sinful.  God created the human spirit with seven longings that draw us to Him and reflect His glory in us.  They give insight into the way God designed our spirit. Each longing is a reflection of God’s personality. We are made in His image, thus, we have these longings.  These seven longings are:

  1. The longing for the assurance that we are enjoyed by God,
  2. The longing to be fascinated,
  3. The longing to be beautiful,
  4. The longing to be great,
  5. The longing for intimacy without shame,
  6. The longing to be wholehearted and passionate, and
  7. The longing to make a deep and lasting impact.

They are cravings put into us strategically by God. They will never ever go away. The reason food is so good is because we were created to be hungry. The reason God satisfies us with pleasure is because He created a hunger for pleasure in us. They each have an element of delight, pain and ache as they woo us into God’s presence. The enemy uses these cravings to woo us into darkness as well. When these longings are not touched in the grace of God they leave us empty; they leave us with pain, mourning, and dissatisfaction. God created us with a “God shaped vacuum” (gnawing emptiness) in our heart that can only be filled by God.  (The Seven Longings of the Human Heart – Mike Bickle)

It is not wrong to long to be fulfilled.  But only God can fill the aching void in our heart.  The pleasures of this world, although often good, are only temporary and cannot sustain a lovesick heart that is longing to be fulfilled by the Creator of the universe.  His love is exhilarating.  It’s intoxicating. Once we taste of it, we hunger for more.  We were made to crave God!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this portion of scripture.  There is so much more.  I’ve only scratched the surface.  Link up below!

Next week, my friend Gina will share her thoughts on verses 5 and 6 and we will wrap up Chapter 1.

9 thoughts on “Song of Solomon (Chapter 1) – A Love Better Than Wine”

  1. BethinNC says:

    I love it Barbie!  You MUST hear Heather Clark’s song with this scripture.  Have you heard it?  I can hear her voice singing as I’m reading your post.

  2. Larri at Seams Inspired says:

    Sometimes, because of our worldly natures, I think we misconstrue desire with sensuality. It’s even easy to do that with this book, Song of Solomon. Looking at it in the context of Jesus speaking to us, these verses in chapter one, show us that the longings and desires of our hearts are so much more than that base need. The only way we’re ever going to be satisfied is to allow Jesus into our hearts and let God fulfill us. When we bare our souls to Him, He fills us so completely. It’s such a simple step to take, yet a long journey to get there, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation today. It’s opened my eyes to this chapter, seeing it with a fresh perspective. I’m loving how God is speaking to me! I am forever humbled by it. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    1. Barbie says:

      I remember when I first began to read this book years ago.  I would be a little embarrassed by it.  Looking at it as Jesus, the Bridegroom speaking us the Church, his beloved Bride, just brings so much fresh revelation.  So thankful you are enjoying the journey.  I pop over to your blog soon!  Thanks for linking up!

  3. Barbie says:

    Can you send me the link to her song?  You could share it and link it up!!!

  4. Child of God says:

    I too have a hard time relating Jesus to the husband, just because of the sensuality of it. But the deeper you dig into this the more is revealed in a whole new light. A deeper, profound understanding of love that really is revealed in a marriage of an old couple. The love is deep, in a non sexual way. 

    I am not linking up as God is not opening my mind to anything. Kind of frustrating as I really would love to dig here but I am coming up blank! :s


  5. Daisy Escobosa says:

    Praise God for this! It is so true, He must be enough.

  6. Greg Simas says:

    Good Word here. His love is better, far better than anything the world has to offer. But until we taste if for ourselves,, continually, we will never truly know. Let’s continue to experience His love. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Loved it! I liked how you brought in the heart longings and tied it all together.

  8. charis says:

     this is such a good good passage.  i love what you shared from bickle’s book on the 7 longings of the human heart… that has been on my “to read” list for a long time and i think it is time i get around to reading it.  i felt like i could connect with each of those longings listed above.  thanks so much for sharing this.  very encouraging tonight.

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