The Divine Kiss of Intimacy — 21 Comments

  1. Woooooh! This is absolutely deep insight from Songs of Solomon. I am already working on this, to teach to my Singles group.
    Thanks Barbie , for inspiring me in such a way.
    More of it. God bless you .

  2. Oh the beautiful richness of this ministry! Thankyou, dear sister in Christ for opening the scriptures wide! The God inspired explanation of this book has opened my eyes and my heart to things I am overjoyed and deeply touched by. Oh what a Saviour!

  3. Good stuff. There is lots of gold in this book. Full of revelation of our relationship with the Lord. 

    my recent post: How to Build a Life of Prayer from the Prayer Up

  4. Awesome start to a profound study!  I love receiving the kisses of His kindness, especially when I least expect them.  Looking forward to the next part.

  5. I think this is such a great idea! I get so much from hearin gthe revelation others get! What a fun series! For me, regarding the “kisses”, sometimes I will be thinking about something totally different than the passage I have been studying, and in a moment the Lord speaks to me and all of a sudden pieces of scripture come together. Its the most exciting thing! I love when the Word comes alive!

  6. Thanks for the excellent start, Barbie! 🙂 I’ll admit I’m a bit intimidated, because I haven’t looked at SoS in this way before; however, I’m looking forward to what God is going to reveal to me. Thanks for sharing such an in depth post! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  7. great stuff!  i love the song of songs.  i look forward to reading about the things God is speaking to your heart as you go through it.  have you listened to david pawson’s recent teaching on the book while he was out in kc?  it was a great teaching on the literal interpretation but what that means to us and how God loves us.  it was great.  i highly recommend it.  i believe it is in their weekend service archives.

  8. Wow, Barbie so much depth in what you have posted. I have never heard such revelation from the Song of Solomon. I definitely look forward to reading more on this. 

  9. Beautiful, Barbie.  I especially liked reading, “I want to be so full of His Word that it is the only thing that proceeds out of my own mouth”.  Added it to my fb page. 

    I hope to have a post up soon and link up.  I will be meditating on this portion of God’s Word throughout this week.  Thank you for sharing.   

  10. Hi Barbie,
    This looks like it is going to be a very interesting study! Love it! I want to link up and join you but I need to prayerfully ask God if this is what He wants for my blog right now. Please pray for me?


  11. Love it Barbie.  I can’t help but hear Heather Clark’s song that uses these scriptures as her lyrics.   

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