Song of Solomon (Chapter 2) – Identity & Purpose — 11 Comments

  1. this is one of my favorite chapters of the entire book!  i love your paraphrase at the end of this post.  so encouraging.  it is good to be under His leadership and covered by His love.

  2. Great post…and there is so much more in there too. For years I never really considered doing an in depth study of this book, but I think it’s vital to understanding God’s desire for us. Looking forward to next weeks post. 

    • Thanks Pastor Greg. I am definately gleaming from the notes I took on Nina’s class, as well as Mike Bickle’s. There is so much here. May have to do another study down the road. Thanks for reading!

  3. Thank you for digging in so deep…I sometimes find it hard to interpret scripture, but this study is helping me to take the time not just to read, but to study, and to listen to Him.
    Blessings to you as you continue to read, study, ponder and share!!

    • Thanks Kerri!  Have you ever visited Mike Bickle’s website?  I gleam a lot from his notes on the Song of Solomon as well.  May God continue to take you deeper into this revelation of His heart for you as the Bride!

  4. Hi Barbie, wow such an in dept study of this passage of scripture. The best I have read. I agree with Janette there is much to glean on here.  Appreciate you sharing the heart of God with us. Blessings. 

  5. Beautiful and uplifting post…so much to eat from this banquet post.  I loved the left hand…I have been thinking on that a lot…those things God does that I can visible see…the protection, the provision…etc.  Giving Him thanks for His left hand…so much to chew on in this piece I will be back and glean more.  This daughter of the King wants to set more at His feet and allow everything else to fall into place….what a true blessings.

  6. Thank you for clearing up this chapter, Barbie. There were lines that I simply didn’t understand, or maybe even misunderstood. Chapter 2 has spoken to my heart. My nephew and I were discussing it this weekend (he’s studying to become a pastor), and the impact of this particular chapter, even when talking about it, caused me to well up with tears. Our God is gracious and amazing, isn’t He? 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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