Be Still My Heart — 20 Comments

  1. Barbie,
    You truly inspire me- your heart reflecting the light of Jesus. Thank you for your sweet, powerful words and for pointing us to His words of hope. You are beautiful and loved. I appreciate you!

  2. I love this Barbie. It’s so important for us to spend time with the Lord and yet we are often pulled in so many different directions. Mornings are my favorite time to meditate and contemplate and study His word.

    • Thank you Cyndi.  I find that my most precious times with the Lord is when the house is quiet in the evening.  I turn on soft worship music and just allow His love to wash over me.  So thankful for those mornings when I do manage to get up before the kiddos to spend time with Him.

  3. I too have a hard time just being still and knowing GOD.  I am starting to read HIS Word daily and it’s my cry to know HIM more.

  4. I am so needing to do this right now, to just step back, sit, be still and know that He is God!! Beautiful post of your heart longing for more of Him!

  5. Far too often I forget the I “get to do” and I rush through grasping for a quick answer from a morning devotion….thank you for this reminder to just “Be Still”…to ponder what I have read and to spend time in Him, listening, reflecting and meditating! Thank you for sharing your heart this morning!

  6. Barbie,
    This is the cry of my heart today too.  I was sitting in church yesterday thinking that I truly don’t know my Lord and Saviour the way I need to!  Thank you for this excellent post.

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