July Inspired Blogger & A Giveaway! — 9 Comments

  1. What a beautiful person of faith! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of her life. I’m not entering the contest, but my favorite thing in her shop is the cream and beige flower headband. It has a rather medieval look to it:)

  2. My pleasure Stephani.  Your words and photos always speak to me.  Thank you for your faithfulness to what God is speaking to you and showing you to share with others.

  3. Barbie, thanks for sharing this featured blogger.  She does have a lovely blog, and so do you!  I was just checking out your art.  I love creativity!  I think we all have it whether we know it or not.  We were made in God’s imagine, and we know how creative his is! ~ Thanks for being so faithful to stop by my blog.  I appreciate each kind word you speak.  Grace and peace . . .

  4. I love the earthy flower crochet head band. Cute stuff over there! I hope she gets lots of exposure through this post. Sweet of you to help get the word out. Hope you’re having a great summer, Barbie. I’ve missed your blog lately. Glad to be back reading.

  5. i love all the same things you do, except for the handiwork.
    never could get myself to knit or crochet.   my passion is
    for music, especially worship but also classical.

    my greatest  blessing is that two of my five are singer/song-
    writers, and all five love the Lord.

    • Hi Lea!  Although I wish I could make hand made items, my passions I never learned.  Although, I do dabble in painting.  I love worship as well, and hope to some day learn to play piano.  That’s so wonderful that your children are singing for the Lord!

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