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  1. Oh, Barbie!  I was so excited to see you slip in the door of the jam. And what a fragrant brew you served up!  The encouragement is a gem — when we “be” instead of “do” we get in touch with our longing. And that is what is so mysteriously rich but also anti-intuitive.  Longing.  What a beautiful place to be.  (btw, I LOVE your new header – it’s perfect for your blog – fresh and new!)  

    • Thank you Bonnie! When I read what the jam topic was, my heart just knew I had to write. I hope to join again real soon! Thank you for the header compliment. I love it too!

  2. prayer room time is pretty amazing and sometimes i am really bummed i don’t get more of it with the hours that we have available.  i do, however, try to get time with the Lord at my piano and that is a place i meet with Him… and also my shower. 🙂  funny, but true.  we are looking forward to visiting your house of prayer.

    • I love what God is doing on the earth today with the prayer movement. I am jealous that you get to meet with him at your piano. I don’t know how to play yet, but have a desire to learn. Someday I will join you in that place! Looking forward to your visit.

  3. I had to smile when you stated that you are a doer and it is difficult to find time to be quiet before the Lord.  I am reminded how many thought run through my mind of things that need to be done — when it it time to get alone with God.  Pushing those thoughts aside are not easy but need to be done for the moment.  I am happy that he ministered to you with the thoughts he gave you and the scriptures you shared.

    • Thank you for visiting Hazel. I use to have a “dump” page in my journal. This is where I would write down those things that came to my mind that were distractions. It helps to clear my mind so that I can move forward with the “listening”. Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Yes and Amen…I too want to move closer to Him…to slow down long enough to be totally filled by Him.  Great words of encouraging us to move into Him.

  5. My heart was pounding as I read. I too yearn for God,  I seek His face yet I am never satisfied for I want more and more of Him.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Beautiful post.  I yearn for him everyday and yet so many distractions.  I have made a time and place where I can be alone with him in prayer at least an hour a week, just him and I, with no interruptions at my church chapel.  I’m amazed at the graces when we dedicate time.  Have a blessed weekend Barbie and I look forward to many more of your posts as usual:-)

  7. Love this post~ love constantly learning and reading that others are on this same journey… It’s so hard to be still, and I’m like you~ I want to do and read and talk when God just needs me to listen. My nature is sooo not quiet! But thankfully I am learning to throw off my old nature and just rest in him. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Oh girl, I love that photo.  I love you post as well.  I wish I had access to those places as well.  My heart longs for Him and for His presence, but everyone else pulls on my time.  Sigh.  Tonight I will be attending a miracle crusade!  I am so thankful and excited to be in an atmosphere of expectancy and freedom!  Hallelujah!

    Thank you for sharing God’s beautiful Word and your heart with us.


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