Two Fold Testing (Song of Solomon, Chapter 5 – Part 1) — 12 Comments

    • You’re welcome Kerri! Love having you each week.  I am beginning to think of what to discuss next. Any thoughts? I am loving this study thing!

  1. Thanks for following Elizabeth!  I am your newest follower as well.  Sounds like we have some things in common.  And your blog header is just so peaceful and inviting!

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey of testing with us Beth.  I am so thankful that God always uses the difficult circumstances in our life to teach us according to His plan. 

  3. If we don’t understand this test we will somehow conclude that God has forsaken us or for some reason doesn’t love us.  This is actually meant to clearly discover our great need of Him and grow in maturity in love. 

  4. Thanks so much for unraveling the mystery of these verses! I’ve really struggled with the interpretation, and am happy to be able to understand them. I will continue to read this chapter throughout the week, so I will better understand what God is trying to reveal to me. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Wow, that is soooo good!  It really opened the meaning of those scriptures up to me.  I have been tested in both of those ways.  How did I react?  I can definitely say the second test — having leadership turn their backs on me/removing my spiritual covering — I reacted with rejection and anger.   Actually, it was the best thing that could have happened to me, though at the time it shook my foundation.  It definitely forced me to dig deeper roots and it showed things in my heart that needed healing and cleaning.  God is good! 

    Wonderful post!


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