Unshakable Confidence — 24 Comments

  1. faith is so deep and i feel like i am just scratching the surface of really knowing it and walking it out.  i think walking in faith is the hardest when prayers aren’t answered and we have to keep our hearts un-offended and trusting in His love and care and leadership. 

  2. Beautiful post!  Faith is a struggle sometimes, but to know that He is faitful, even when I am faithless helps me strive for just that mustard seed worth!

  3. I stumbled upon the Faith Barista’s Jam this morning.  It inspired my latest post today.

    I love your post my friend. 

    God bless you today!

  4. Faith is what I hold onto… I have to with everything that I handle in my life. It’s hard, as a human, to remember to always give it to the Lord, to keep your faith strong in Him… to let HIM be the carrier of your heavy luggage. I know this, I struggle with it every day. But my faith in Jesus is always there, no matter what… I love Him, I praise His Name, I send my prayers to Him without ceasing. Thank you for this post… it helped my heart so much. It helped my mind to take hold of those reminders, to strengthen the hold of my faith.

    (P.S. To answer your comment from a while back… we “met” through Lynnette’s blog. 🙂 )

    • Thank you Diana for visiting and commenting.  My faith has really been tested this last year.  Some days I find I am literally holding on for dear life!  Even when I feel like I can’t hold on any longer, I know He’s got me in the palm of His hand.

      I will have to pop over to your blog!  Have a beautiful weekend!

    • Oh, I like that Diana…”to let HIM be the carrier of your heavy luggage”!  I pictured in my mind, a little kid dragging a big suitcase along…struggling with it, when his daddy is standing right there telling him to give it to him!

  5. I Loved this devotional this morning and I passed it on.  I love your blog and I love listening to my Grandson Jared’s music composition playing as I read here!  (smiling with Grandma pride!)

    Have a blessed day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. So glad you joined in to the Faith Barista Jam today Barbie.  I loved your post.  I love your heart for God.  Faith can be challenged in this world, especially when we don’t SEE answers to our prayers now.  But faith continues to believe and to trust and obey.

    Blessings and love,

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