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  1. Oh, Barbie, I’ve missed you and what a wonderful entry! You always amaze me with your inspiring words. Thanks for your words of encouragement and prayers during this difficult journey that we are on with my precious Dad. Blessings!

  2. Barbie, Wasn’t it great to have the 5-minute Friday to nudge you to write today. Today was my first one, too. Like you I’ve been reading them for a long time thinking: ya know, I should really do that. And, hey, it WAS fun.

    I love your post. It’s a beautiful, beautiful read. {My sweetie came to mind after the first couple lines.} So good to be reminded to love everyone in our lives while there is still time to.

  3. I’m so thankful for this beautifully written reminder to make the most of every moment  and to speak the words of my heart while there is still time.  Thank you for sharing.  My heart was blessed.

  4. Hi there…
    Thank you for coming over and visiting my blog today. 🙂 It seems that so often, marriage is portrayed as ugly, too difficult, and just….not what you and I seem to think at all! So glad to hear someone else talk positively about such a beautiful committment. Blessings to you.

  5. Loved your post and welcome to 5mf.  Everyone should should do things ‘while there is still time.’  Enjoyed your post =)

  6. Great first 5 minute post! I love joining in, something liberating about just writing for fun with one thought in mind. I always enjoy the variety and sometimes the surprising themes I see in the different posts.

  7. Welcome, Barbie!  How I LOVE Five Minute Fridays!  It’s like a jolt to my brain and heart, get’s me going on Friday mornings!  This was lovely, and I look forward to seeing you in this space more and more 😉  God bless you, friend. 

  8. Wow!
    Breathtaking post.
    So glad to have found these beautiful words today.
    They have truly touched my heart.
    (suzy from scraps of starlight visiting from Gypsy Mama)

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