A Reflection of Beauty — 17 Comments

  1. You are beautiful, my friend…inside AND out…a vessel overflowing and pouring out the glory of God…blessings as you start the new school year with your children at home. May God’s grace abound, His love empower and His presence fill you in every moment.

  2. I have and still can be that woman looking in the mirror hearing those loud voices of defeat…Praise God that His still small voice drowns out the evil one to remind me that I am wonderfully and beautifully made!
    Thank you for sharing this Barbie….you are beautiful!

  3. Just last night I shared of this concept with my seven year old as I tucked her into bed.  We spoke of Satan’s whispers of our unworthiness after we sin vs. the redemption Christ offers.  His work in our lives – making us beautiful – is more transforming than any striving I can offer.  Oh, that my little girl would understand this even now…

  4. Just last night, I was tucking my seven year old into bed and shared this concept with her… I never really used the word “beauty” but we spoke about the lies the Enemy whispers to us regarding our unworthiness after we sin vs. Christ’s tender messages about the redemption He offers.  His transformation in our lives – making us beautiful – comes merely from His grace, not from our strivings.  Oh, that my little girl might understand that even now…

    • It’s so important that our children grasp this truth at a young age.  I can see even now in my 11 year old the seeds the enemy has planted.  I am thankful that I am learning to walk in this truth more and more so that I can help her in that reality.  Blessings!

  5. I love this Meme!  This one was really my first time joining.  I can hardly wait to find out what next week’s topic will be. 

    I could hear where you’ve sown the Word from Song of Solomon in your heart.  :o)  You truly have the aroma of spending time with the Lord on your life.  Beautiful inside and out.

    • I am hooked on this meme.  It’s been so good for my heart!  And I appreciate your encouragement.  I fall short so many times in my discipline of prayer and Bible reading, but when I worship, oh it draws me straight to the throne room!

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