Broken, Yet Whole — 39 Comments

  1. That was beautiful Barbie.  I could just see God’s hand scooping up the pieces and making whole…what once was broken.  Bless you ~ jen

  2. Stock photos fit your blog posts nicely.  They look pretty and yes, they do seem to add value to your blog. 🙂 Your blog is unique  in that in intertwines real life and personal reflection with a valuable message in each one.  Your blog is also very clean and professional looking. 

    You’re doing a great job and you get a lot of feedback! That says a lot!
    Have a beautiful weekend Barbie!

  3. This was such a stretch for me, but I’m glad I found your website- I love this idea!  I linked up over at Gyspy Mama (that’s what we were supposed to do right?)  But I thought I would let you know that your 5 minutes on “whole” were beautiful and so thoughtful!  I think it’s amazing how all of our minds go different places even though we all here the same word.  God made each of us so unique! You can read mine at

  4.  Love this……”He fit the pieces together, one by one, held by a love so strong no man could tear it apart. He fit the pieces together, one by one, held by a love so strong no man could tear it apart.

    Amen.  Thank you, Jesus….and thank you Barbie for this reminder that His love is so strong, no man can tear us apart once we have met the Master potter.  So happy to have met you through 5 Minute Fridays! 🙂

  5. I am so thankful for His way of mending my brokenness.  I love your words Barbie.  They reflect the beauty of your heart.


    You spur me to spend more intimate time with the Lord Barbie. Thank you.

    • Awe, thank you my friend. I have not yet arrived.  My own words are stirring my heart in places I didn’t know existed.  This writing challenge has been very freeing. 

  6. beautiful. love this and it’s so true. the master potter truly does make all things beautiful in their time and in that too…sometimes the scars and faint cracks just help us rejoice all the more in His redemptive work.

    • I use to want to hide any signs of where I came from and what I’ve been healed from.  But I look at them as trophies of His grace in my life!  Have a beautiful weekend Katy!

  7. What a beautiful blog you have here, Barbie.  Thanks so much for inviting me to take a peek.  🙂

    I love how you said that the exercise had done much to your spirit.  That is EXACTLY how I felt.  What I needed, so much.  See you soon and so nice to “meet you”.  🙂

  8. I love this.  Our youngest son is named Potter, for the very reason you described above…. the Lord took our broken and bereft hearts and gave us a baby boy to fill the empty hole.

    Potter Joseph

    formed by the master Potter.


  9. Hello Barbie.. this was really beautiful!  I can so relate to it too.. once upon a time God used my brokenness to make a whole new creation.. He is the master potter!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Followed you over from the 5 Minute Friday links. Loved what you have to say. The Master Potter is awesome. Thanks for reminding me that He is holding all of my pieces.

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