He Is Enough — 33 Comments

  1. Ha.  Skinny jeans?  I wore enough of that kind of stuff in the 80’s.  lol

    Lovely blessings my friend. 

    Can  you imagine gazing into the face of the Lord?!?!?  What a day that will be!

    Bless you!

  2. Dinner date with your sister is a wonderful gift! I love listening to the birds outside the window. Ohh… a cool morning breeze. So nice to feel that. Makes me think of fall on the way! 🙂

  3. It brings me joy to not only meet a fellow Jesus follower but one who comes from the IHOP/Bethel stream as well.  So glad we “met” here in the blogosphere!

  4. Loved reading your words, and agree with all that you wrote about leaning into Him.  Loved this – “Yet these fillings are only temporary.  They are but band-aids for my aching heart.  I am learning to say, “He is enough”!” 
    And, thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart.

  5. Neat list Barbie! Glad for your daughter’s encounter with Christ. Skinny jeans?  I’ve never even tried any on. I’m afraid I might not recover from such a horrifying experience! : )  What I’d see in the mirror might just scar me for life!

  6. My dear friend.  I am also learning to lean into my Beloved.  I am learning to say, “He is enough.”  Your words speak to me and bring me comfort.  Blessings! 

    • Thank you Patti.  He has been teaching me that I am moving from a season of being carried during difficult times, to learning to lean on Him.  He truly is enough!

  7. OK first of all… how have I never stumbled upon this lovely space you have here?!  I can’t wait to browse further.  I smiled at this “A Keurig that perfectly dispensed my coffee this morning (it’s been hit or miss).”  Today my hubby ran to bring me coffee because our Keurig refuses to cooperate, thankful that the company is AWESOME and will be sending a replacement! 🙂

  8. Oh, Barbie. What precious words you’ve spoken this morning … words I needed to hear. My name (Amy) means “beloved”, and my whole life I’ve been concerned with who loves me rather than one Who loves me. May we ALL seek after Him with our whole hearts, as you so beautifully articulated.

    • Many years ago I gave myself the tag line of “His beloved”.  I use to put it on all of my email signatures because I wanted to be reminded of who it was I belonged to!  Enjoying the journey!

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