The Bride Vindicated by Sincere Believers — 4 Comments

  1. Great insight Barbie…I never thought of this as “the daughter’s” speaking, but more as words of the groom!
    I love the growth in character of the bride this week…regardless of who is speaking in this chapter! It really is amazing how we are deemed royalty…a princess! Even when I feel I am not worthy of this title (which is often), this is who I am to Him! Wow!!

  2. I love everything you share and break down in God’s Word Barbie.  I would have never known a lot of this by reading by myself.  

    You ended talking about God’s love.  Yesterday when I started my day by hearing “Your love never fails” on the heels of me having such pleasure blessing my daughter for her birthday … I seemed to go just a little deeper in my revelation of God’s love for me.  I began to weep as I thought about how much God must love blessing His children. 

    Love you Barbie!

    • Oh there is so much I don’t know. These later few chapters are quite the challenge. I am thankful that I pull insight from the Holy Spirit and a LOT from Mike Bickle! OH and yes, I love when He pours His love out on us and blesses us. His love never fails.

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