Beauty in the Broken — 30 Comments

  1. I have been listening for His voice too, amidst all the clamouring and what-ifs that Satan tries to plant in my mind.  It helps to fill my home with music and my heart with His word!  Visiting from Ann’s today to pray that you might be strengthened and feeling better soon!

  2. I’ve learned this as well this year. I have to seek to find the gifts some days. I’m often reminded of the summer I spent in Tucson, Arizona. At first the desert seems all brown, but once I slowed down and really looked, really searched, there was beauty everywhere. 

  3. I understand what you mean Barbie.  Even though I’m watching my parents die, I see beauty in this season.  Certain family wounds are being dealt with.  Both are slipping into a more childlike state, preparing to meet Jesus face to face.

    I pray Sara’s transition will be smooth and gentle.  I declare over Katie that she will LIVE and not die and declare the works of her God. 

    Love and health to you and your little nose.

    • I am praying for you and your parents my friend.  What a hard season you are in.  Yet we are learning to “choose joy” in the midst of it.  Every time I say that, I will think of Sara and how she so clearly defined it.

  4. Barbie – I hope you feel better soon. I have been reading updates on Sarah and Katie and saw Katie’s report of there being no cancer in the bone marrow. From the perspecitive of a cancer survivor’s wife ( my husband is now 18 years cancer free now) I know how good it was to hear those words.


  5. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Barbie. I hope your sinus infection is almost over. I appreciate your compassion and love for those who are suffering. I feel the pain of others too. Merciful heart here, I cry with others easily. I will go visit Katie now. I recently read about Sara. Heartbreaking and joy, hard to understand. Love, Tiffany

  6. It is a tough lesson, isn’t it?  It took a couple good wallops to the soul before I began to live it myself, after having read Ann’s book.  But once we do “get it,” I don’t think life will ever be the same. And one of my favorite quotes about being broken: ”  the cracks let God’s light shine through.”  

  7. Love your list today.  This is the key, isn’t it – I refuse to focus on only what my natural eyes can see. Life is so much more than we can see – God has more prepared for us.  We must remember that.  Many blessings!

  8. It is by the grace of the cracks in the facade
    that the light can shine through …It’s just that the cracking itself hurts to much when it’s happening …Internet makes prayers travel all over the earth, and straight to God!

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