Abiding {Day 1} – Here We Go! — 23 Comments

  1. Oh wow. I’m excited to read about your journey, as I’ve not found myself deep into the Lord’s presence in some time. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

  2. First of all, I love how your 31 day button just fits so snuggly here and still makes me want a cup of  java.

    And – this topic just makes me want to sit quietly and practice.  I know that the real work of abiding is when life is crazy.  I’m so excited to read along with you! I so need it friend!

    • So thankful to have you along on my journey. I wish we could sit together, sit coffee and abide! Oh and I love my 31 Day button too. Abigail is a master button maker! I take no credit.

  3. What a neat idea and there’s no greater subject than abiding for sure.  It will be such a blessing to me at this season of my life.  And, the other topics will be so interesting.  I hope to stop by as often as I possibly can.  You are definitely a woman after God’s own heart!  Blessings my friend!

  4. Barbie, this is a great idea and I look forward to journeying along with you.  I’m sure it will influence my series, 31 Days of Mentoring Training. 

    Blessings, abundantly,

  5. Blessings Barbie, I did not know about this blog party of “31 days of Abiding” but I, too am ABIDING for the month of October with a devotional by that name of Andrew Murray,”Abide in Christ”. I love what you wrote and how it goes so well with my 1st day of ABIDING. I added a note about you and your blog to my post today…as well as a link to the rest.
    I look forward to what you will share and how God speaks to each of us as we ABIDE! I agree that we have not yet “arrived” but it’s really wonderful to know and hear that God is speaking to others to come and abide! I need to stay focused but there sure look like there are some awesome ideas for 31 days. Thanks for sharing this…

    Peace as we learn more on ABIDING,

  6. Here we go, indeed! I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. 🙂

    This is a great topic, Barbie. I know I need to learn more about abiding in Him. I so often catch myself disconnecting from the vine and trying to do things on my own. Blessings to you as you share your heart and dig in deeper!

    • Oh I am nervous too.  I keep asking myself if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  I’ve done a 30 day challenge before, but the topic wasn’t close to my heart and I didnt’ complete it.  I believe there is Holy Spirit wind on this one!

  7. Abiding is something that is needed to walk closely with the Lord.  This sounds like a great topic for the 31 days series Barbie.  I hope to visit each day with you.

    Blessings and love,

  8. love,love,love it! i definately love all the different stories you have to tell! for sure looking forward to your next post. 

  9. Oooh, we are BRAVE!  Talk about s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g…31 days is a huge one for me. I am looking forward to your posts {even if I don’t always stop to comment :)}  Happy Weekend!!

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