His Grace is Enough — 24 Comments

  1. His grace sometimes simply overwhelms me with it’s magnitude! If I were to judge His grace by mine, it would be long gone many moons ago, but still He loves, cares and knows me! 

  2. Wow Sis,,,again i say WOW!!!!     Sooooo LOVELY…
    THANK YOU JESUS for YOU and for my BLESSED in YOUR HOLY SPIRIT Sisters  that YOU have sooooo LOVINGLY placed on my path….THANK YOU for being in control….AMEN
    Prayers for your ministry Sis~~~~Hugsssss Dena
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Why is it so hard for us to grasp that His grace really is enough?!?!  Thank you for the reminder today.  Blessings to you my friend!

  4. Barbie – I have also strugged in my attempts at listing 1000 gifts (I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago). I like what you said about seeing through the eyes of grace.

    thank you for another thought-provoking poss.

  5. Here I am, again…arms open to God in surrender.  This is a lovely post and it helped me to see the grace all around me too.  Thanks my beautiful friend.

  6. Ah Barbie, I love your list and how you are digging deeper.  Rest is something that is often  hard for us.  Striving is something our human nature has learned very well.  But the things that last are things done through the power of the Holy Spirit. I always try to remember that Jesus never was harried and running about.  He was about His Father’s business and He always made time to be alone with Him.  That is my example.

    Love to you,

    • Oh yes!  He is my example.  He spent time with the Father.  And He only did what He say His Father doing!  I am sure much of my stress comes from things that I do that He never asked me to.  Blessings!

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