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  1. barbie, i am so glad to join with you in counting gifts again this week.  your list really blessed me – i can relate to so so many of them and it just serves to remind me once again of His faithfulness.  

  2. I can completely relate to your post.  And it isn’t always easy to keep the discouragement and frustration at bay.  I too am seeking God’s wisdom for our situation.  I spent most of my life trying to control things and only viewing the world through my own selfish eyes.  It has certainly been a personal and spiritual reawakening to relinquish this control and accept His plan for us.  Blessings to you as you wait faithfully for that door to be opened to you!  Amen to #s 301, 302 and 303!

  3. Barbie, perspective can definitely be tricky sometimes.   But when we ask for his intervention, great things happen.   I love your list of gratitudes.  310 and 314 made me smile.  Have a wonderful day.

  4. The great thing is when we truly desire His perspective on things He is faithful- it just might not be anything like what we thought it would be. Stopping by from Ann’s on this Monday!

  5. I want His perspective too, Barbie!!
    I think that is why “Joy” has been and continues to be the word popping up in my life, whether in blogging, in corporate worship or personal study….God is truly speaking to me with this one simple 3 letter word!!

  6. I love your first three:

    301.  Spiritual eyes to see the good in every situation.

    302.  Wisdom to know when to speak and when to hold my tongue.

    303.  His grace which sustains me through the hard days.

    Praying our eyes remain open, our wisdom increases and His grace continues to sustain!

    Have a wonderful day…

    “I  no longer desire to see my life through my own eyes, but through His.” Barbie, your words hit so close to home, as that has been on my heart for a couple of days. In fact, before coming here this morning, I began composing my next blog post and the title is “Through His Eyes.” (I think the Lord is speaking to me!)

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