I Will Never Be The Same, I Will Never Forget — 17 Comments

  1. Thanks for the beautiful poem. I was teaching at a Christian school at the time and share my experiences with my third graders on my blog. One of them seemed to understand the significance.

  2. Barbie, beautifully written.  I think it is interesting that a whole nation for the most part today have that same prayers, it doesn’t matter what religion they are.  And may I point out how poingnant it is for me to read while your blog music is playing in the background, because the music is so full of hope.  I love it.  Best wished, Maria.

  3. Wow Barbie!  Did you write this beautiful thoughtful poem?  It’s amazing and speaks from your heart.  Loved it and you.  I’ve been contemplating what to write later today on Heart Choices and if you don’t mind, I may include a link to your poem if that’s OK.

    Love you,

    • Yes, Debbie, I wrote it. I started with a completely different post, but just asked the Lord what I should do and I heard him say to write from my heart. I don’t mind if you share the link!

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