Abiding {Day 13} – Strength in Waiting — 14 Comments

  1. Here via The Mommy Matters’ Spotlight Saturday… great scripture, great reminder. Thank you. I’ve been struggling with my own “waiting” issues myself. Trying to be content in the now.
    I will be back to check out the rest of your 31. (I’m doing 31 Days of Kicking Out Excuses).

  2. Barbie, of all my favorite verses, this one was especially needed today.  I won’t weigh you down with the reasons why but I needed to be reminded His strength is always there for us.  I appreciate your writing and your love of God’s Word.

  3. That is my life verse! Yes, our family has been through a waiting period. For quite some time we have been in the “winter” period, but we are now entering the “spring” and it is all because of Him.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful word, my friend!  I am in a VERY busy season right now.  Some days it is completely overwhelming.  But I have searched my schedule and cannot see a way to slow it down.  Instead the Lord is speaking to me (over and over and over again)  about His strength.  It’s His strength that I need to rely on each day…not my own.  What a simple truth and yet so difficult to grasp sometimes.

  5. I am there now and have been for quite for some time. I have always loved this verse.Thanks so much for sharing it.

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