Abiding {Day 19} – Adoration & a Giveaway! — 21 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie,
    Thank you for this giveaway.  I have not been commenting on your blog but I have to admit I have been printing them out to study from them.  I truly believe when we understand God’s attributes and let them soak in it will change us for His glory. 
    My favorite attribute is His grace that when I think how He has changed me, I can actually look at others through His loving eyes. 

  2. He truly is worthy of my adoration!
    A favorite attribute….just one? Let’s see…His forgiveness…..I am so not worthy of it and yet He has forgiven my past….He sees me as pure and whole and that just blows my mind!!

  3. It’s not about making requests of God, but it’s about giving Him our full attention. – That’s great!  One of my favorite attributes about God is His amazing Love. 

  4. I’m not sure that I have an all-time favorite, but the one that’s been touching my heart lately is that He is the Joyful God!  I was going to suggest, that if I happened to win, that you could just send an iTunes gift card, since I’d love the iPhone app & it’s only $1.99, but you have to send a minimum amount of $10, so that doesn’t save you much money, besides the cost of shipping. 🙂 But if I don’t win, then I might just have to buy the app anyway – it looks good!

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