Abiding {Day 26} – In the Storm — 14 Comments

  1. Our storm was the same with other hits in areas we couldn’t believe.  We are still walking it out in faith, knowing that God uses everything for our good and His promises are true.  One day I stood at a house foundation…our son is a home builder and this was his first house…God’s word was “you are now totally down to the foundation….you choose how you will build on the foundation, but you now know that you have a foundation built on me!”  We are still erecting back walls…but the foundation is there.

  2. We’ve been facing a storm with our only child for the last several momths. I keep telling myself that I trust God’s plan for my son’s life and for our family, but sometimes I feel like I’ve said the words so many times, I don’t know what they mean anymore. I needed this post today, Barbie. Thank you.

    • Oh Chrissy, I will be praying for your son and for strength for you and your husband.  It can get a little mechanical, can’t it, these words we repeat.  But we have to keep telling ourselves we trust Him, especially in those times when our mind and emotions tell us otherwise.  Praying God will bring you through this soon!

  3. i remember you going through this and reading about God’s provisions along the way.  it’s so good to be able to rest in the peace of Jesus and His provision in the midst of the storms.  your life is a testament to that.


  4. Barbie, thanks for sharing your personal story with us.  I’ve probably told you before, but it closely resembles our story, except that we are still in our house.  We have been through some major storms, but I know these storms have pulled be closer to my Savior, and for that I am extremely thankful.  Our God is still God in the midst of the storms.  Amen!

    • I am so thankful you are still in your home.  I am learning to embrace the storms because they do bring me closer to my Savior. He is a safe place.  Have a blessed week Lisa!

  5. As you know, I too have been going through a storm these past few years.  I love what you wrote:
    “Are you facing a storm in your life?  Trust the Lord.  Lean into the wind and hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you in this season.  Then, embrace it and allow the wind to carry you to the safe harbor.”

    This is what I’ve been trying to do.  I’m learning to trust God in the middle of the storm and to abide in Him.  We are on a similar journey and I’m so glad that we can encourage one another Barbie.

    Blessings and love,

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