Abiding {Day 30} – Rooted In Love — 11 Comments

  1. Stopping by from Gypsy mama, you actually responded to my blog linky. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement 🙂 I actually follow you on fb , so I was delighted that you had stopped by my blog 🙂 I love your post, it is something I have been learning this past year, if we aren’t rooted in Him we are not able to go through those difficult and painful times without understanding how deep His love is for us 🙂 Thank you for sharing……..Jayne

  2. I so relate…oh what a journey to find and live in His abiding Love…living Love transforms everything…Blessings as we stay planted…

  3. I wasn’t sure how you’d pick “that one post,” but you did. Perfectly.
    I needed to read it. twice.
    I’m going to be thinking about my roots. . .and striving to spread them deeper into His love.
    Thank you for this, friend. Thank you.

  4. I love this Barbie and you and I have such similar desires.  I also had a hard time receiving God’s love and like you — God has helped me a lot in that area. 

    Surely my roots are the only thing that has helped me this past two months.  I’ve been way too busy and have missed quiet time.  Today is the LAST day of the maze for 2011.  Hallelujah!  I’m so excited.

    Thank you for this beautiful post (as always).  You make me hunger to sit by the river and stretch my roots into deeper soil.

    Love you,

    • I’m preaching to myself here.  When I wrote this series, I knew that God would put His hand on my heart and call me even deeper.  I’ve missed the mark too often, but I am getting there. And the “love” thing, I just wish my brain would catch up with what I know to be true! 

      So thankful that you have your life back, although I know your maze is a blessing!

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