Abiding {Day 31} In Fullness of Joy! — 8 Comments

  1. I love this Barbie:  “God desires to fill our lives with joy. Not just momentary happiness,
    but true and lasting pleasure.  The kind that is only found in Him. 
    Even in times of great sadness, confusion and hardship, He alone is our
    joy.  True and everlasting joy is only found in His presence.  When we
    choose to remain in Him, He remains in us, and thus, we are filled to
    overflowing.”  True and LASTING pleasure that can ONLY come from Him and be found in Him.  Amen! 

    There truly is no real joy without Him.   No peace either.

  2. I seem to be forever learning to turn to HIM to be my joy, my satisfaction, my supply. And I myself am very much in need of resting in Him today, in simply being. So hard. Such a do-er. 😉

    Much love to you! And thank you for taking the time to pour out His truth and love for these 31 days. 


  3. “Remember, you were created to be with Him, not to do for Him.”  I think maybe this why I am feeling “blah” today.  I have been doing for Him, but not spending enough time with Him.  Thanks for the reminder that in His presence is fulness of joy.  Many blessings, Barbie!

    • Lisa, I am in this place too, between longing to be with Him, and feeling like I need to do for Him.  It’s all good stuff, but it’s so easy to stay in that place of doing.  I want to abide! 

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