Abiding {Day 4} – Being Still — 24 Comments

  1. Oh, how funny. You weren’t kidding. We really, really are on similar paths right now. Not only are abiding and rooting so closely related, but then we both write about being still. 🙂 Love it.

    And I, too, LOVE Emily’s book. So speaking to this heart of mine with all of it’s should-have’s and could-have’s and ought-to’s. I, too, desire to find a place of rest. Or rather, a lifestyle of resting in Him.

    Much love to you,

  2. Barbie – beautifully written!  This week has been exceptionally hectic and I’ve missed spending time with my Father.  I could hear God calling me through your post and quieting my desire to “do do do” and “be be be” as I just sit with him.  Thanks!

  3. I, too, am learning to be still so that I can abide.  It can be so difficult as the busyness of this world swirls around me, but when I am still and quiet, His voice is what I hear!  

    Blessings, Joan

  4. Yes, I can completely relate.  I, also, can be described like a Martha with a heart like Mary.  Thank you for your encouragement here, and the beautiful verse — calling me to Him — from Song of Solomon.  Gratefully, Jennifer

    • I am learning it’s a balance.  It’s good what Martha did.  But it was better and right what Mary did.  Learning first to sit at His feet, then accomplish my tasks.  Not perfect every day, but getting there.

  5. awwww!  i love this!!!  i’m about to start emily’s book and i cannot wait.  it’s going to change me too.  : )

    i’m so so so sad that i wasn’t on the ball and figured out this 31 days thing sooner.  i want to start it but feel too ridiculous being four days late.  i guess i’ll just enjoy yours in the meantime.

    • Oh no, Carissa, you are not too late. You can totally start now. You can do your intro post and start tomorrow. There was another blogger who started yesterday. I say go for it! It would be most amazing. And, if you do, please let me know so I can follow you along!!!

  6. “To continually abide in His presence, I must focus my mind, will and emotions on the Lord.”   This is so hard sometimes, but so worth it.  Thanks for the encouragement to be still, both body and mind.  Many blessings!

  7. It can be so easy to get caught in what we do each day.  However, I’ve been learning to rest in Him more lately.  And that requires me to be still.  It’s been a great lesson for me.  I love that you are learning this too Barbie.  Frankly, I’ve been so amazed at how quickly you’ve progressed in blogging.  You’ve come so far so quickly.  But now it’s time to be still and listen and learn as we abide in Him.  I’m so glad we’re on this journey together friend.

    Blessings and love,

    • Debbie, it’s purely by the grace of God.  He has given me a voice and I love that I can share it here.  I love that you are taking this journey of being still and abiding with me.

  8. Barbie, I sooooooo hear you.  Thank you for your wise reminder to be still, to turn off the “should have” voice.  A very sage person once told me, “Don’t should on yourself.”  Why crowd our days with self-imposed mandates and guilt instead of enjoying moments of contentment with God?  I’m looking forward to abiding as your series unfolds.

  9. The way you worded this today seems so inviting.  He is after all simply irresistable!  I am a doer by nature too and I have to make myself rest.  Blessings to you!

  10. Oh this is me Barbie! I just can’t seem to slow down most days. My to do list is always long!
    Love the 31days of Abiding!!

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