Abiding {Day 9} – He Gives Rest — 11 Comments

  1. Dear Barbie, I sit her at my computer, my husband out of town, the kids tucked in, and I am just exhausted.  I want to write a post for tomorrow — and really, I just feel so tired — and I felt drawn to read your post now {I wasn’t able to get to it earlier today} and I am so thankful for the hope you brought to my heart.  Thank you so much.

    • Oh Jennifer, He is so faithful! I am exhausted tonight. I need some more rest in His presence! I have a post (or two) to get up for tomorrow. This 31 days of blogging hasn’t been easy. I so want to be inspired by the Lord, not just write. May you be refreshed and strengthened in His presence.

  2. Giving ourselves a time out is a really good way to put. I feel like once the stress starts it just builds and turns into an avalanche. The only way out is to stop and refocus. I love your theme…I’ll have to catch up and read all that you’ve written so far!

  3. Barbie, it sounds to me that you are in that stage of life where there is always somebody wanting some part of you and leaving not much in return.  You were so wise to take that drive out to meet Jesus!  He wants to hear that we need him, He wants to meet us wherever we are, and He wants to be able to give us love and comfort.  What an amazing encounter you must have had — you, Jesus and a latte.  Most perfect, I’d say.

  4. Getting in the car and just driving sounds blissful. This whole section gives me hope for renewal: ” I poured my heart out as I reconnected myself to the vine, asking His forgiveness for my short temper, my tone, my attitude.  As I sat there in my car being comforted by Jesus (and a latte!), He brought rest to my anxious heart. “

  5. I love how He will meet with us so tenderly. How He will minister to our hearts as we come before Him and confess our desperate need for Him. I think I need to go sit and just rest in Him myself.

    Oh, and on a side note…I love me a latte, too. 🙂

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