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  1. I am glad to be here for you Caitlin.  I was once a new blogger and so appreciated those who came to encourage me then.  It’s the main reason I am still here today! 

  2. Barbie, I am so thankful for you! I stepped onto your blog for the first time today, and it hit me like a breath of fresh air. I can feel the Lord’s presence all over your blog page! I want to thank you so much for all of the amazing encouragement you have given me over at my place. It’s people like you who inspire me to keep going! You are a blessing. Thank you!

  3. Hi Barbie, 🙂
    I love this post! I too am learning to abide in Him and I am discovering it is all about our mind set; how we look on things. When we are doing our work, are we glorifying Him, or are we anxious, angry, impatient. I am learning that if I focus my mind on Him He gets all the glory and the words I speak are honoring to Him, well most of the time, I am improving. :s A renewing of our mind, really it is just a change in looking at things half full instead of half empty. Thanks for sharing what you are learning, I am gleaning much.

    Some news on Keegan. I saw a FB message that he moved his legs last night!! Beth will be putting up a post and I am anxious to read the details. This is a miracle! Just a few weeks ago, or it was last month Barbie got the official noticed that Keegan is never going to walk again. She received all the official paper work. Please continue to ask our Father to heal this sweet boy.


    • I want God to be glorified in all that I do.  Thank you for the update on Keegan.  I am definately praying for that miracle.  Can you point me to where I can receive updates?

  4. lovely post and so true.  I guess for me the hardest part is to put aside my impatience and waitin on Him.  Thanks for the always helpful reminder to just be still in his precense.

  5. I love the waiting on the Lord, knowing that, though life may not be good, He is ALWAYS good.  Such a beautiful truth!  Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh friend.  Your post just prompted me to write a post this morning.  I long to abide in my Lord’s presence.  I have been so busy.  Sigh …

    • Girl, I so understand.  Here I am writing about the topic of “abiding”, and well, it’s been a crazy and busy week.  But I’m pressing through!

  7. Barbie~ I really appreciated this post today.  It was the first one I read when I got up and I feel certain that was a divine appointment. Your words minister to em here, because, well, I am just still trying to learn what it IS to abide in Him. I find it so challenging, but I feel like right now, these days, he is slowly leading me through learning what it means and how to do it well… blessings, sister. 

    • I am right there with you on this journey, Kris.  I wish I could say I’ve arrived, that these words come from a place of victory.  So thankful you are learning this journey along with me.

  8. I tend toward the doing and have to constantly remind myself of the being.

    31 days of Christmas wonder

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