The Little Things — 15 Comments

  1. Oh Julie, how heartbreaking.  I am so thankful for the gift of your soon-to-be born son.  My little boy has such a tender heart.  Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. What a blessing this was!  I am so touched by #323; your son must have a tender heart.  I like him already.  Thank you for taking time to appreciate the *little* things today. 

  3. #316… so sweet! #319… love it when that happens! #323… what a precious heart he has. Free to fly… love that!! 🙂

  4. Tears came to me as I read grace gift 323.  We are expecting our 2nd son in the next few weeks.  We lost a precious daughter at 23 weeks a little over a year ago.  Thank you to your son for his prayers.  God is so gracious!

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