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  1. Beautiful…I so totally relate….and continue to relate.  I loved your list..”cleansing tears”  I lift you in my prayers right now…and Praise God that He is walking with you through this season

  2. I love that your list reflects a wide array of Thanksgiving experiences.. from small joys to hard situations to wonderful blessings. That’s how my week was too! 🙂 ~Frances

  3. It is hard, to look deep into the difficulties to find the blessings. I’m dealing with that myself with a few things, including my dad’s recent diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). But I think that’s where true joy comes in; it cannot be dependent on circumstances, but in knowing and depending upon Jesus. And sometimes, it’s just a lot harder than others.

  4. Oh, yes, so true…’gratitude is an attitude…that must continue to be cultivated’  I find that when I least want to have gratitude, it is in those moments, that I need to start counting again…finding what is the blessing of each and every moment.  The journey with hills and valleys is well worth it.
    And, thank you for your kind, generous words yesterday…I appreciate them greatly.

  5. Great post. I loved the line that it is birthed out of a season of lack. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to understand how to truly be thankful for everything!

  6. I’ve heard of sellf-fufilling prophecy. For example, somone who is convinced they’re “unlucky” seems to have bad things happen. “What you behold, you will become” made me think of this. If we choose to see the negative & to live looking for the next bad thing to happen, then eventually, that’s all we can see.

    Thanks, Great post!

  7. Great post. And your site is lovely! 🙂 I too have found that the deepest thanksgiving comes from the most trying of times. Blessings to you, dear sister. (New follower from (in)courage). 

  8. Oh, I love this statement:

    I am learning that gratitude is not always birthed in a season when all
    is well.  But it is most often birthed in a season of lack.

    That is so true, Barbie!  It’s not a pleasant thought, but is reality.

    Enjoyed your list, too!

    Have a wonderful afternoon…

  9. What a good reminder of what gratitude really mean.  I love this part: “I am learning that gratitude is not always birthed in a season when all is well.  But it is most often birthed in a season of lack.”  I was reading Of Plymouth Plantation in the days leading up to thanksgiving, and I was really struck by how the Pilgrims had such gratitude for God even though their circumstances were very difficult in those early days in the New World.

  10. You’re so right; thanksgiving is most deeply birthed in seasons of lack. I don’t necessarily like that, but it’s true.

    Strawberry lemonade. I’ll have to try that sometime. 🙂

  11. Oh how I can relate to the hard thanks given in the midst of depression! A constant uphill batttle.  Praise Him for grace! Enjoyed your list today

    • Asking the Father to rain down His wisdom and guide you today! The beautiful thing about beholding is it can happen an a moment, as soon as we set our mind to it. Praying you find beauty today.

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