Five Minute Friday: Remember — 22 Comments

  1. “I don’t just want to praise Him during the good times, but during the hard times as well. “… Barbie – yes! This has been my hearts cry of late – remembering to praise him even in the hard, tough moments. Beautiful.

    Thanks, too, for linking and sharing in the Koinonia Community! 🙂

  2. Amen! We’ve got to remember that He is always in absolute, perfect control … …. …. and that, while things look bad while in the midst of them, we can often look back and see all we learned and all the GOOD that happened during that time because of those bad/rough times!

    Good reminder.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I’m glad to have “met” you! Adding your blog to my Reader 😀

  3. I love how the Lord allows low points and trials to filter into our life in order to redirect us back to Him and only Him. He is our only true joy and sometimes we forget this until we fall on our face before Him.

  4. Beautifully written as always.  I find serenity here Barbie and for that I thank you, for your beautiful writing and your thoughts.  I always find myself back where I want to be when I visit your blog.  For he is always good and always there waiting for us. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Ha, Barbie we used the same scripture!  Except I messed it up at first.  I agree, I want to praise Him at all times!

    I love your heart.


  6. I echo your sentiments today. Remembering God’s faithfulness over the course of life brings such thankfulness, doesn’t it? Lovely post.

  7. Hi, Stopping by from 5MF and glad that I did.  Joining you in your thoughts, and guessing that it will come easier as you’ve made your intention known.  I hope you find thanks in everything, now and always 🙂 

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