Scripture Sunday: {Where is your treasure?} — 15 Comments

  1. That is one of my favorite passages.  It keeps me focused always on him.  Thank you Barbie for reminding us. I hope that you had a blessed weekend.

  2. I love that verse and I think I’m going to use it tomorrow for my Beauty for the Heart. I was praying for the Lord to show me a verse!
    Thanks Barbie!!! 

  3. Hi Barbie:

    I’m so glad you are starting this meme. I have thought about doing a scripture meme, but since I already host The Grace Cafe on Thursdays, I can hardly commit to hosting two.  I pray you have a blessed week.

  4. Beautifully said.  In this season, it’s really EASY to get wrapped up in all the “things” of this earth.  I’m desperately trying to remember what my real treasure is and why this season is so precious to us, as Christians.  Thank you for this reminder.  I can’t wait for your Sunday meme to begin…in fact, I was so excited, I just had to share my own with a tidbit about what God spoke to my heart during Sunday morning service today.

  5. Hi Barbie,
    I  recently wrote about this very topic – where we store our treasures. I found Matt. 6:21 in The Message reads: “The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” I’d never thought about it like this before, but it makes so much sense. What I treasure most is where I want to spend my time, it’s what I want to focus on, and grow closer to. 

    I  love this new Scripture Sunday theme! Great idea!

    In Christ,

  6. What truth!  Thank you, Barbie, for this ever-important reminder.  HE is our treasure, and amazingly, we are His beloved despite our tendency to forget His great worth over and over.  Thank you.

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