The Bride Walks in Confidence

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The Bride has come into a place of maturity.  She rests in the love of her Bridegroom.  She walks confidently before Him and is now able to bring those who are less mature in their faith before the Lord by way of intercession.  She is not only thinking of herself and where her love for the Bridegroom has brought her.  But her mind is on others.

I am a wall, and my breasts like towers, then I became in His eyes as one who found peace.  (Songs 8:10)

She selflessly sees herself as a wall of protection that exists to help others. She does not seek to pursue earthly pleasures but sees herself as a source of protection for others.  All of her time, energy, finances and dreams are set on serving this high purpose in God.

Throughout the Song breasts speak of the ability to nurture the young.  Breasts like towers speak of a supernatural ability to care for others. Her ministry is abundant and she has full confidence in her ability to nurture.  Jesus commissioned her to let her breasts be like clusters of the vine (Song 7:8). She skillfully uses the Word to help others.  This confidence can only come by revelation (not pride) and fills her with great thanksgiving.  She has confidence in her ministry and maturity because God spoke it to her.  She can say before God that she lives to serve His people throughout her life because that is what the Lord thinks.

She has peace in her life and calling in God before God’s eyes or before the Audience of One.  She finds peace in Jesus’ eyes alone, which is not the same as finding peace in the eyes of others.  This removes many emotional hindrances in her life as she enjoys living before His eyes.  Her spiritual identity allows her to enjoy a radiant confidence to walk in her place before God.

This confidence makes a believer powerful emotionally as they do their work in God.  Consider how much emotional energy is expended on condemnation, fear, self-doubt and uncertainty.  The fiery seal of love on the Bride’s heart has produced this confidence and purity of motives (Song 8:6).  She came to peace with God’s design for her life by knowing that she lives to partner with Jesus. It is profound to understand our life and to have confidence that we are accomplishing God’s will.

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PhotobucketI would love to hear your thoughts on this portion of scripture.  How is God teaching you to walk in confidence before His eyes?  Link up a post or simply leave a comment below.

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