I Don’t Want To Forget — 27 Comments

  1. I completely relate to how you’re feeling.  My living room is utter chaos and I couldn’t find any decent plastic bins to separate the new toys and put them away.  Perhaps this was a sign to keep them all out…for a little longer?  Thank you for sharing!

  2. Eeek! An engagement! An unsuspected gift and God’s provisions for it all. Yes, be still, friend.
    Revel in the Joy. . .
    So happy to hear you had a blessed Christmas.

  3. I too was contemplating getting my house back in order today but then realized that I wanted to linger in the aftermath and enjoy.  The day after Christmas is really my favorite day, it always seems quiet and peaceful, the rushing and running around is done.  I’m going to enjoy this, soak it all in this week.

  4. Barbie, beautiful as always.  I almost started taking things down today but decided to wait.  This season has been so special that I want to wait. 🙂

  5. I so agree.  My daughter just finished her first semester of college.  I’ve made an effort to just let her sit, not to think I need to take Christmas down, clean her closet or any of the other things I think I want to accomplish.  Just sit and be.  And, like you said, enjoy the joy that is Christmas.  

  6. Oh I had to come back after I clicked on your unsuspected gift.  Greg got me one too and I love it!  Although he shouldn’t have spent the money, he sees me using it and having fun.  I love to read and listen to music and watch movies.  Enjoy Barbie!!!!

  7. It is always a joy to read your grace gifts list.  I like how you took the advice of your friend Rachel. Although I had a quiet Christmas, I’ve been anxious to get everything cleaned up before I have to return to work next week.  Maybe I’ll take a few days and …relax too.  🙂

    Blessings and love,

  8. I know I have a lot of joys… blessings… but in the aftermath that is this year’s Christmas, having learned just two days before that my (step)mom is dying of cancer, my joy is that I have had one more Christmas with her in my life as my *mom*.

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