Top Picks of 2011 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi, Barbie! Isn’t it amazing to look back over your own blog posts and see all that God has spoken to your heart over the year? Amazing to step back and look at the journey. I was reading the Building Community…I still struggle so much with feeling bad about not being able to spend much time going around reading other’s blogs. It is hard to balance it all for sure! But I do so love the women I have been able to connect with! 

    And I love the post you linked to from your 31 day series. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more. 


    • Thank you my friend.  The post about building community still strikes a heavy chord in my heart today.  Something I have to continually keep going back to. 

  2. Love this. Can’t wait to read your fav’s. I was searching to find my fav, but I didn’t see it. You wrote about “our voice”. It came on a day when I was struggling to see my voice as anything. I was reliving those doubts and insecurities that I fight off often. And your words were music to my soul. I think about that post often.

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