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  1. “you are walking along a little slowly, feeling the nudge of the Holy Spirit, “Come on, I’ll go with you”, after feeling like you failed or didn’t measure up last year.” …that’s me, but I am just happy to know He is with me even as I take my time in getting there 🙂

    • Awe, I love you my friend. Stopped over for a visit to your blog this morning. And YES, He is always with you. Nothing will ever separate you from His love! Rest in that truth!

  2. Oh Barbie, I LOVE that last one… friends who call out the gold in me! Thank you for that nugget (no pun intended). I will keep that one with me. I was JUST telling a group of friends today how Ann’s book has changed my life. Thankfulness really is the answer to abundance. It’s so much about perspective. I have to “reset” my grateful meter every so often, but it is always so great when I’m able to do that and realize just how BLESSED I am. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

    Your blog is such a refreshing, peaceful place. I just want to linger here! 🙂


  3. Happy New Year Barbie! Wonderful post and list!  I’m with you on those.  I’m looking forward to what he has planned for me.  Even though the unknown can seem scary, I trust fully in him, he leads my way.  Blessings to you & yours!

  4. Yes, last year was painfully stagnant with regard to our present life trial.  Through it all, I made huge strides to bring good from it though.  But not without God pushing me forward.  It was a year of learning to listen to Him and then respond obediently.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for me and my family in 2012, although I must admit I am somewhat fearful at times.  Uncertainty manages to creep up when my focus isn’t on God.  I just need to keep trusting Him to know what’s best. 

    ~Blessings and prayers for you and yours,

    • I know exactly where you are my friend.  Walking that journey has been so difficult at times.  Even so, He’s always there.  Looking forward to watching the new year unfold with hope and promise!

  5. Good morning and Happy New Year!  With all of the “not so positive” prophesies about 2012 — even heard it was the year of WOES, I am clinging to Jeremiah 29:11.    Love and blessings to you!

    • Oh man, really?  I have been bad and haven’t read all of them yet.  I choose to believe that this will be an extremely wonderful year full of live and hope!  Love that scripture verse!

  6. Oh, Barbie, I love that, “pursue Him with purpose.” That’s exactly what I’m going to do and will post that where I will see it daily.  Last year was so, so difficult but through that difficulty, I learned so much and God was so faithful.  Thanks for always inspiring me with your words. Blessings throughout 2012!

  7. Wonderful list of blessings, Barbie.  I especially like #431, and I am thankful for the same in my life. 

    Many blessings!

  8. I keep expecting some dramtic feeling of change to come over me…I do not want the same old thing…I can’t keep going the same old way.  I am hoping for…hoping…hoping…

  9. Hi Barbie,
    I think in my Seeking Him this year I am moving a little slower in 2012 and anticipating the nudge from the Holy Spirit while I soak in His word. 


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