Joy Dare: {Week 2 – #28-48} — 28 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie, I am counting my gifts too. I missed this Monday. I will continue next Monday. I love my Keurig too. A Christmas gift.  Love my pillows, encouraging texts and many other things on your list. Keep counting, friends. God sees you and smiles. Hugs

    • Thank you my friend! I really want to get back to writing notes and letters as well. It speaks volumes when you know someone has taken the time to sit down and write a note.

    • I use to have all kinds of odds and ends paper to write little notes on. I want to get back to taking the time out of my busy week to write a letter, or even a note, to encourage someone.

    • I know what you mean. There is nothing to look forward to in the mail these days. I want to go buy some cute paper and begin to write notes of encouragement to others. Blessings my friend!

  2. Oh, I love my Keurig!  I’m not a coffee girl, but I use it for my English Breakfast Tea.

    So thankful HE delights in me.  Like you, I’m blessed to have friends who help me through the hard times.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  3. I’ve joined the Joy Dare as well  – counting to 2000.  I really like the prompts she has given for each day.  It provides a new twist for recording my gratitude this year.  Glad you are participating!

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