Joy Dare: {Week 4 – #70-90} — 17 Comments

  1. Wonderful blessings Barbie!  I am thankful today that I didn’t have to sleep on the couch (my hubby and I take turns snoring and “chasing” each other out of our bedroom!), I’m up at a reasonable hour, and I have the entire day stretching before me with only one commitment that requires me to leave my house.  🙂

  2. Hi Barbie,

    What a wonderful list!  It was a real blessing to meet you today at Jennifer’s place.  Look forward to reading your blog more 🙂

  3. Beautiful, friend. It has been so wild lately I haven’t been good about stopping in at bloggy friends for a visit. I LOVE your new look and arrangement here. Thank you for the reminders in your list of how God heals and He’s our strong Tower – needing those words as I’m curled up in bed today. Blessings sweet friend – jealous you get to meet a bloggy friend in person. Love those sweet moments.

  4. The burden of prayer…yes! what a joy.
    And how fun that you’re meeting Jennifer tomorrow! Have a great time!
    my 3 joys today:
    Husband was able to fix our kitchen faucet — money saved.
    Finding a new church we are now calling home. Church shopping is done!
    Able to help with the everyday things as my friend mourns the loss of her grandmother.

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