The Weekend Brew: The Shelter of His Wings — 23 Comments

  1. You were PAINTING during worship service? How do you do that? What a wonderful vision God gave you! Yesterday we had intercessory prayer and the one who led it said that a pastor asked why there were some who did not get healed right away, and God gave him a vision of someone encased in ice. When we pray for healing, for those who don’t get healed right away, some of the ice melts. So we just need to keep on interceding! 

  2. Hi Barbie,
    Between your post and the Scripture He showed me today, shelter and protection seem to be something He’s showing me today. Thank you and sorry for linking up late. 

    In Christ,

    • Absolutely no worries about linking up late. The linky is open until Wednesday every week.  And I’ve seen a common theme this will with the link ups, and other blogs I read, sharing scriptures about his protection and safety.  So good!

  3. I also have a friend, Barbie who has struggled with Lupus. She recently had major surgery to help her feel better and hopefully live a more normal life. What an encouragement that God is able!!!  And His angels are all around!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  4. i love that passage.  i didn’t link up this week… instead i posted a blog in honor of my son who turned 6 today!  maybe i will join in again next week.  i love that you are doing this!

  5. Hi Barbie,
    What a beautiful painting!
    I am sorry to hear about your friend, chron’s disease is not pleasant. I will be praying. I know what you mean about having a heavy heart for the sick. There are a few children who I am praying for who are very ill and it really weighs on me. 
    Beautiful verse and I love the image of angel wings descending on the sick; so comforting. 


  6. Barbie – this verse is so comforting. There are three families in our small town who have children in Dallas hospitals (they are in Dallas because of the seriousness of their illnesses). It is such a comfort to know that they are (and we are) in the shelter of His wings.

  7. Psalm 91 has always been one of my favorites.  In fact I memorized the entire passage several months ago.  I doubt I could recite it in its entirety now, but the truth behind the words is definitely stamped on my heart.  So sorry to hear of your friend with Crohns disease.  I’ll pray too.  Have a beautiful Sunday, friend. 

  8. I receive your vision for our adult daughter who has suffered with Crones for many years.  The harsh treatments has left her with cereuses of the liver (non alcohol related) She desperately needs a new liver which means she needs a miracle.  May the angel wings hover over her and others who are suffering.

    • Hazel, I am sorry your daughter is struggling with this.  I am praying now, and asking God for a miracle.  I know that He is able.  May you rest in His love and peace!  Thank you for stopping by.

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