What Do I Have To Give? — 22 Comments

  1. Refreshing Barbie, I too find that I have very little to give we I have been neglectful in spending my time with the Master. I always enjoy reading your writing. It often reflects feelings I have but can’t quite put into words

  2. ” Life is so much more fun when we live it out of the overflow.”  Such a wonderful way to live…yet it seem so tough some days to stop and ask for Him to lead before I start things on my own. 
    I am striving to begin each day with Him…and to live life out of the overflow…thank you for these words.
    Bless you my friend!

  3. Barbie, the words God spoke to your heart remind me of the new song Jenn Johnson of Bethel, “Come to Me.”    God just wants us; He just wants us to spend time with Him.  How beautiful and amazing is that?

    Many blessings!

  4. I needed this so much today.  I am definitely feeling tired and spent.  You’ve inspired me to put my stack of work aside so I can stop and rest in Him.  I need renewal today.  Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Barbie, I can relate with how you feel.  It’s interesting to me that for the past few months I’ve been so rushed and so task focused that I was even rushing through my morning time with God.  In doing so, I wasn’t being filled with His word.  I felt spiritually and creatively empty.  The past few days have been different though.  There’s this transformation that seems to be taking place with the heavy weight of unemployment being lifted from my shoulders.  I feel less stressed.  Like I can slow down and relax a bit. 

    I was a little concerned that I would pull away from God because life wasn’t in crisis mode anymore.  I’ve actually found myself drawn even closer to Him now.  I want to spend more time with Him, reading His word, studying it closely, listening for Him to inspire me in one direction or another in my writing, parenting, and other relationships.  There’s such a difference now that I’m approaching that time with Him as His time to talk, teach, and lead me rather than my time to show up crying and begging Him to fix my life.  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I just see that without the cloud of crisis over my head, time with God is more about Him and that ultimately is a greater benefit to me, spiritually and otherwise.  You’re right though.  When we feel scattered, rushed, or creatively blocked we can stop and ask the Spirit to help us focus.  I’m pretty sure His answer in all those situations is to focus only on Him first.   I pray God is blessing your week, friend. 


    • I understand about pulling closer to God when in crisis mode.  And when that crisis is resolved, we sometimes wonder if we will have that same desire to be with Him. But I agree.  This season has brought me so much closer.  I never want to go backwards, only forward from here!

  6. We have found that our daily devotion times are very much needed.  If life crowds it out and we don’t take that time to be with the Lord…then things do not feel right, and we are running on empty!  We need those times to let the Lord love on us!…  The time to love Him back!  (:>)

    Good post Barbie!
    May our Lord  “love on you” today my friend!

  7. Yes, Barbie, that is all we have to do….to come to Him and not be anxious..

    To let Him “Fill our cup” . I was just talking about this in my recent post… Blessings!

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