Am I Good Enough? — 31 Comments

  1. I love this! You’re so right without God who lives within us we are not much. This is such a well written inspirational post. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. WOW – my heart and soul needed these words of affirmation. My thoughts are most days just like your thoughts. They kill and stifle me, yet it is hard to let them go. Putting up words today to remind myself I am enough through Christ! Enough.

  3. Beautiful post, Barbie! I am reading Holley’s book as well and am finding such life in it~ God is speaking these same messages to my heart these days! Also wanted to say that I loved seeing your post and name on the (in)courage blog last week~ such a great post and I was so excited for you to be there, sweet friend! Blessings to you~ you are more than enough!!

  4. What a wonderful post!  And so true.  I heard Beth Moore once teach on something similar.  I find that I can sometimes fall into the trap of believing that and then giving up.  Day starts off bad and I give in instead of looking Up!  Great great great reminder.  Sounds like an amazing book!  Thanks for the encouragement today Barbie.

  5. I just clicked over here from seeing your comment on At Home With Kim, so glad I did! I’ve been having these feelings all week (and longer!), feeling like a bad mom or friend. What an uplifting post to read this morning, thank you!

  6. Oh my, this book is speaking so much to my heart too.  I wish I’d had it sooner…because so much of my depression and anxiety was about not feeling like I was “enough”.  And I’m slowly learning, but I have a long ways to go yet…to believe everything He says about me.  My husband told me once, in the middle of one of my weakest moments, “Do you believe, really believe that He loves you?”  When I quietly said, “yes”, he continued, “He doesn’t make mistakes, Steph…you are fearfully and wonderfully made and He loves you no matter what.”  “But I’m such a mess…”, I whispered.  “And He loves your mess…”, he reminded me.  

    • Ah, this brought tears to my eyes. When I am asked if I truly believe that He loves me, I say yes, but there is no connection in my heart. I have a ways to go in truly believing and understanding this truth. So thankful that He loves our messy lives.

  7. You are doing a great work by taking time to process out your feelings in light of the truth of how God sees you..Cheering you on, Barbie…I realize more and more that I am not enough and that is okay because God says His grace is sufficient and that I was not meant to be enough apart from Him…but it a process, and some days it can be hard to believe what is true and not let my feelings run amuk, so I hear you… hugs to you!

  8. Oh Barbie..there is really something to this!   “I feel” the same way most of the time too, but feelings can mislead.  You have a good topic and platform here to really minister and move us with your honesty and candidness.  I want to know more…about the book, about God’s love and about the journey.
    Love ,Laura

  9. Barbie,I have struggled with this as long as I can remember, longer than  should have really. I too have that book, it sits on my night stand, I am also set to review it soon. I havenot started reading it yet, I think I know how it will make me feel… I am sort of trying to prepare myself to hear the words that so often I push away. Thank you for sharing your heart here. I look forward to your review, and to reading this book! I have no doubt it will be awesome. 

    • I don’t think I was fully prepared for it. It really has hit me hard. Realizing that I even thought this about myself has truly hurt my own heart. But God is so good to gently bring me along in this journey.

  10. Oh, Barbie. Your writing is more than enough for me! You know I needed this, friend.
    (Isn’t it funny how we can look at another and wonder how they would ever fear they aren’t enough? )
    Will be drawing strength from the source this stay. I’m striving with you!

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