Five Minute Friday: Delight — 12 Comments

  1. you used some of my favorite passages!  i linked up today too.  i love seeing all the different angles people come from to write about the exact same word.  beautiful thoughts for today.

  2. Beautiful, uplifting words, Barbie. I also used that Zephanaiah scripture, as it was the very first word that came to mind when saw the prompt. It has become one of my most favorite scriptures. Pure beauty and grace in knowing the Father delights in me.

    • Yes!  Zephaniah is one of my favorite scriptures as well!  I once had a vision of the Father meeting me in a wide open space, taking me in His arms and twirling me around.  Ahhh…we truly are His delight!

  3. What a comfort it  is to know that He delights in us! It is sometimes so hard to believe because I am so flawed and I fail so often, but yet, time and time again He forgives, He offers grace, and He delights. Thank you for these refreshing and encouraging words today!

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