The Weekend Brew: His Deep Love — 26 Comments

  1. I love the imagery of our roots growing deep into His love which makes us strong. I also love verse 18 in regards to understanding just how wide, how long, how high and how deep that love is. It just makes me realize that no matter how deep I think my roots are in Him….there is a whole lot more room for me to grow deeper!

  2. Growing deep roots into His love is such a beautiful goal and image.  A lovely thought to keep you through the days.  Have a beautiful day, Barbie.  And thanks for hosting.

  3. Love this verse and I echo your feelings. Often get overcome with emotion over the depth of His unfathomable love for me during worship. Hope you feel His presence with you today and always Barbie. Blessings on this Sunday morning friend.

  4. I love the image of the tree roots with this scripture.  It really brings the depth of God’s love to a visual image in my mind.  In our adult Sunday school class at church we’ve been studying the book of Ephesians and while I love the entire thing, this section has been my absolute favorite.  Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, friend.  And always covering you in prayer from my side of the country.  🙂 


  5. I love the photo with this post Barbie!  I also love that verse 17 states that our roots will grow down into God’s love and keep us strong.   There is a connection between God’s love and our strength.  I’m going to have to chew on this.  Bless you!

  6. Barbie!  Such a beautiful post!  This is one of my favorite scriptures too!  And your picture of the tree with the massive roots was fantastic!  I made a copy for my files; as I would like to do an extensive study on “roots”.  Last Oct. Kimberly from Planting Of The Lord did a wonderful 31 day of posting on roots!  It was awesome! 
    Be blessed my sister.  You are such a blessing to me!  I so appreciate the gift within you to express yourself so well in writing. 

    • Thank you Helen for your beautiful encouragement.  I blogged along side Kimberly earlier this year and did my “31 Days of Abiding” posts.  You can find links on the button at the bottom of my blog!

  7. Oh, Barbie. I prayed these exact verses over my son tonight. They are some of my very favorites. and I love how you added to the blessing they have been to me! Thank you!

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