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  1. A beautiful verse! I needed this tonight…I too gave into the chocolate after dinner! I am so thankful that even when I fail, He is there to pick me up, encourage and strengthen. I am also thankful for friends like you who understand the ups and downs of this journey! Praying for you this week, my friend!!

  2. Don’t know about you, but as soon as I decide to abstain from something it becomes my biggest temptation to overcome. Thank God for grace! And thank you for the linky today. Blessings!

  3. Barbie, this verse is just what I needed to end and begin my week with.  I have felt so weak lately as the emotions of the past three years start to fully release from my heart.  And the enemy has gotten into my head making an attempt to scare me.  It’s the “okay, this crisis is over, what’s going to happen to us next” scenario.  Thank you for reminding me that even in my weakness, God is always there and He is always strong. 

    Blessings, friend!

    • Rosann, I understand completely.  My mind has gone there lately, as if waiting for the next rock to fall.  I want to learn to trust His goodness, that even in the midst of a hard season, He is still good. 

  4. Just remember that Jesus doesn’t condemn us when we fail, He only asks that we come to Him. He is there with you to be your comfort in this battle…in every battle! My prayers are with you as well. ((Hugs))

    • I know!  This is so cool.  And I’ve been seeing so many themes about “hiding and seeking”, “found and not lost”, etc.  He is so wonderful as He weaves our hearts together!

  5. Happy Sunday, Barbie!  I am sipping my cup of coffee and enjoying Fresh Brewed Sundays with you and all the wonderful blogs that join in!

    Be Blessed!

  6. Tomorrow is a new day Barbie!  Rest in that…and the fact that His mercies are new every morning.  🙂  Blessings to you!

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