1…2…3…Jump! — 25 Comments

  1. Oh that dreaded diving board!  We had a really tall one at our city pool and walking out to the end was like a death march!  My daddy would wait for me in the water and give me the courage to go for it! 
    What a great word picture friend!  My heavenly Father does the same thing!  

  2. Love this girl! Needed the precious reminder today as I’m jumping. So thankful to catch me whether it’s a high jump or a fall. 

  3. Love this! And I’m thankful that the jumping gets easier… I’m finding all these lessons again as I help my kids ‘jump’ now and as I still have my toes to the edge in certain areas of life. But I totally would rather jump into the unknown in obedience than cling to the edge in disobedience. Thanks for the push today~ I have a big jump looming!

  4. OH just looking at that picture brings anxiety, I am not a water fan, tried to swim for years when I was young and couldn’t get it. (unless I could touch my feet to the bottom) I think even if God says to me ‘JUMP’ I am not so sure I could go into the deep water without him holding my hand.

  5. barbie – i love this.  it is so encouraging.  i also get scared about the initial jump in life, and usually if i will commit and just do it God gives me the grace to make it through whatever i have to jump into.  very encouraging for today.

    • Oh yes, He does give courage.  He says, “do not fear”, but I hold back.  But then I jump and He says, “see, that wasn’t so hard”.  I try to reflect on what He’s already brought me through to make it easier to jump the next time.  I pray you are feeling better today!

  6. What a lesson in trust! the jumping… I’d like to say it comes easy now. easier than it did when I was young jumping into my dad’s arms at the pool….I’m striving…
    beautiful write-it, girl post, friend!

    • Thank you my sweet friend!  It’s never really that easy for me.  I only realize it was effortless after I jump.  It’s getting to the point of taking off that’s hard.

  7. Oh Barbie, it seems like everything He has ever had me do that was Kingdom ordained has been like a jump into the unknown.  God help us JUMP by faith.   Love you!

  8. Like you I always wanted to jump gracefully into the pool 🙂 No big splashes from me.  Jumping in with God takes a lot of courage and prayer, I’m glad you are able to take the plunge with Him and not be afraid.
    I’m glad He’s there to catch me too!

  9. Barbie,
     I was afraid to jump and go down the sliding board many times in my childhood as well. Our Father loves it when we approach him as a child. I can hear Him lovingly say, “It is time child. 1,2,3 Jump!” Thanks for bringing those words to me today.

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