A Part Of HIS Story: {Write It Girl} — 11 Comments

  1. ” It took blogging to help resurrect my dream of writing.” —- me too!!

    Okay, but now I must “see” those pictures of you in your roller skating glory.  How fun! 

    Thanks for linking up with Write It, Girl!

    Love your new look here too!

  2. “the more I pour out, the more He pours in. ” you wrote this just for me, didn’t you Barbie. I love your writing. You ARE good at it. Mainly because I can see Him in you. What a blessing you are!
    and I’m smiling picturing you skating…how fun to hear more of what’s made you you! 🙂

  3. Ok.  Seriously?  I used to roller skate competitively, too!  I looooved it.  I always dreamed that roller skating would be in the Olympics someday.  LOL.   🙂 I enjoyed this post very much.  I want to come back, so I am following you on facebook now.  See you around!

  4. i loved hearing your story and how you got here… i always seem to love seeing a glimpse of the history of people i know and love.  so great how He is using you in ways that He started way back when and now it is blossoming!

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your beginnings in writing and blogging. You are good at them both! I’m so thankful for your blog and all the great people I have met through it!

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