Joy Dare: {Week 9 – #175-195} — 20 Comments

  1. Wow, that’s crazy!  Well, I going to stalk (I mean follow your blog now).  Your heart is similar to mine and I love when I find a blogger who I know, or someone I know knows!  Happy a beautiful day!

  2. 191… the opportunity to pray for and bless others…

    thank you for blessing me yesterday with your kind words and prayers!

  3. Love that your friend is healed of cancer!  Praise God!  Love #194 too – oh so true!  Blessings to you Barbie!

  4. Hi Carrie!  The photo isn’t actually mine.  I forgot to link where I found it on a free photo site.  Oops!  I should go back and do that.  I wish I could take such beautiful photos!

  5. There are so many gifts here that are so precious…

    177.  Listening to my kids sing worship songs in the car.~ this was one of mine too 🙂
    and this, 182.  My husband’s renewed sense of hope for the future… It compels me to pray for my own as he is enduring so many unrelenting trials as a business owner…

    and this reminder… 195.  He is my resting place.

    Blessings to you… I love your heart 🙂 

  6. I love how He loves, too, friend! Wonderful blessings you have found. Thank you for sharing!
    and “There is a depth of God in him…” I cannot think of a better compliment. love it. 

  7. beautiful list! i am loving the signs of spring as well. i am so glad for the provision of extra work for your hubby and how his view of the future has been renewed!
    blessings my friend!

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